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Our success is greatly dependent on the solid partnerships we have around the world.  Your willingness to recruit and prepare quality students for an academic as well as cultural experience is the foundation on which our program is built.  Since 1996, the iGoGo team has worked with international students and partners just like you. 

Partners look for organizations that provide a quality program, quality host families for a quality price.  iGoGo works hard to meet the expectations of our entire team.  This includes the school, host family, natural family, the student and of course you!  Working with teenagers during their most formative years is not for the faint of heart!  Watching a young person, family and community grow because of relational learning is a very satisfying experience.  It is a privilege to serve in this capacity as we watch the world become more interconnected because of your efforts as well as ours. 

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we listen.

Your opinion matters! iGoGo is open to learning about the unique goals and dreams of your candidates and their families.  We will do everything in our power to help them achieve their desires. .  Our partnership is based on mutual trust so we are also looking for partners that collaborate with us as we balance the unique needs of a school, community and host family.  When all parties are considered, we have found that a good solution arises.  Many times, this is when true cultural exchange works at its finest.  Difficulties can present opportunities and your professional, honest, diplomatic approach to business and life are keys to working well with us.

we deliver.

We have encountered many partners that were frustrated with the inability of a program to find quality host families within good schools.   The partnerships we have created with our schools and communities give us many more members on our iGoGo team.  We work with schools to promote for quality host families and our local coordinators are trained to source and prepare families.  As we consider any family, we always ask ourselves if we would allow our own child to live there.  Communication is key as we move through the placement process and we will keep you and your team well informed so the natural families feel supported and at ease.

Many of our schools provide flexible admissions, which allow for even a few last minute placements.

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we support.

Each community has a local coordinator.  This individual is the bridge between the student, host family and our organization.  We look for quality individuals that are successful in conflict resolution, goal setting and excited to also enrich their lives through cultural diplomacy.  Our students value the relationship they have with their local coordinators.  A monthly report is provided as an update on personal as well as academic happenings.  If a student is struggling to acclimate to the experience, we will assist them with clear suggestions that guide them to a better understanding with measurable steps.  We involve you as well!  One of the worst feelings as a partner is to be surprised by a behavior and the threat of dismissal.  We keep you informed so that we can all work as a team to raise a child.  We have found this approach very successful and our students often remark on how much they have grown over the year.

We work with partners across the globe but we are always interested in the story behind a new potential partnership.  You are encouraged to fill-out the inquiry sheet below and we will contact you to discuss the program and your interests in more detail.

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We have the capacity and agency to work with your organization to provide outstanding experiences for students around the world!

I have worked with the IGoGo team for some time and would encourage others to entrust their kids to this team due to their trustworthiness and care.  They work hard to know each student personally.  We had a few nervous parents but after they worked with the iGoGo team, they were impressed by how well the program ran and the attention to their personal care.  We are confident that our students will continue to have an outstanding experience with this team.

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    Since 1996, the iGoGo team has worked with numerous partners around the world.  We will gladly share our experience to further enhance your program to reach more clients successfully.

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    We will answer all inquiries from your program as it relates to students on program quickly and professionally.

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    iGoGo will provide school options for your clients that meet their expectations both academically and financially.

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    Our program utilizes the latest technology for application processing, monthly reports, school selection and invoicing.

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    iGoGo provides access to our 24-hour emergency phone line so an emergency can be addressed after hours.  We are dedicated to the safety and well-being of our students.

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iGoGo was founded in 2021 by Jane Greer and Dawna Sandala. Since 1996, Greer and Sandala have worked with students, the US Department of State (J-1 Visas), and the Department of Homeland Security (F-1 Visas). Hundreds of students have benefited from the guidance and mentorship of the iGoGo team. Will you be one of them?

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