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As a client of iGoGo, your options are unique to you and your interests.  The team will review your application and also speak with you for a personal interview.  By combining this information with your goals and budget, school suggestions are made.

Below we have addressed options as are common to many of our students.  We hope these questions help you better understand the great amount of choices you have with iGoGo.

All ages are welcome.  Your options for study are based on your age upon arrival to the United States.  F1 approved public schools are only allowed to host students in grades 9 - 12.  F1 approved private schools are able to host all ages from elementary through high school.

Yes, you can select the school that you would like to attend. Schools will at times have minimum entrance requirements.  iGoGo will work with you to make sure you can meet those expectations before submitting your application.

Based on when you apply, it is possible that the school has reached their internal quota for international student enrollment for the year and they will deny your application.  Because of these unique situations, we like to encourage our clients to pick three school options.  In this way, you can have choices as the school acceptances are rolling in!

iGoGo has a list of preferred schools available across the country.  We will provide options to you based on your budget, application and interview.  You can then research these schools with your natural family to decide which school and community best fits your goals.

It is very rare for scholarships to be available for international students studying in high school.  We have at times been able to arrange a discount for very qualified candidates that demonstrate financial need.  When schools offer a scholarship it is typically a partial one and they are looking to have someone that shares their culture openly in the community and brings a lot of fun and interaction to the student body.  These tend to be more cultural in nature rather than academically focused. 

Since iGoGo is non-profit, there are typically no discounts for the program fee, insurance and the host family financial commitment.

Yes!  It is possible to enroll into one of our boarding schools or one of our schools that provide housing to international students.  iGoGo focuses on the cultural element of student exchange so during all breaks and holidays, we will arrange a local community family for you to stay with who further welcomes you into the community. This gives the local families a chance to learn about you and your culture.  You have options though!  If you would prefer to fly home or stay with your natural family during these breaks, that is certainly possible.

You can request the type of host family you would like to have but iGoGo will ultimately determine the options that are possible for you.  Many times, students think that the best host family is with someone their age in the home.  Over the years, we have learned this just is not the case because a same age sibling is not a guarantee of a best friend.  It is common to not have shared interests or friend groups.  Our most important quality in a host family is one that desires to learn more about the world while providing a safe and encouraging environment for you to live in.  School is where most relationships develop and your host family can foster these relationships. You will have to extend a certain amount of trust in our process as it relates to host families and we believe you will not  be disappointed. 

Your local coordinator is always available if you have any questions regarding your host family experience and they can help you and then navigate a great hosting year. 

Yes of course!  Many of our students stay with our program for more than one year.  There are restrictions though.  For example, you can only student one year on the F1 visa at SEVIS approved “public” high schools.  Private schools that are SEVIS approved can host you for multiple years.

Yes, it is possible to graduate but you must meet the graduation requirements for the state where your school resides.  It is not easy to obtain a diploma in one school year. 

Yes!  US schools provide a wide range of classes to choose from.  Based on your home country requirements, you may have a prescribed list of courses that you must enroll in but after that has been satisfied you can select things like band, dance, cooking, computer graphics or even early childhood education.  So many options as it relates to classes! 

As an F1 student, each state has different requirements regarding this.  In most cases, you are eligible to play sports but it may be for the junior varsity team.  This is still a great way to get involved and meet friends.

Yes, you will have plenty of clubs to consider.  US schools are famous for extra-curricular activities so get ready for many options here!

Unfortunately, our students are not allowed to obtain a US driver’s license based on the required  supervised driving hours using your host family’s vehicle.  This is not a wise decision as it relates to liability coverage and their insurance.  If you attend a university here in the United States, those requirements are much less over the age of 18. 

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iGoGo was founded in 2021 by Jane Greer and Dawna Sandala. Since 1996, Greer and Sandala have worked with students, the US Department of State (J-1 Visas), and the Department of Homeland Security (F-1 Visas). Hundreds of students have benefited from the guidance and mentorship of the iGoGo team. Will you be one of them?

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