what our students and families

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Outstanding student and family experiences are the primary aim of our organization. We listen to the needs and expectations of our clients and create opportunities that fit each personality!

I am grateful to the staff of iGoGo for their advocacy, assistance, and belief in my dreams and ambitions to come to life

Brian, Tanzania

My exchange year in USA would not have been possible without Jane and Dawna’s support. They truly were a blessing through my whole experiences. If you have the chance to have an exchange year, GO FOR IT!

Regina, Mexico

I have worked with the IGoGo team for some time and would encourage others to entrust their kids to this team due to their trustworthiness and care.  They work hard to know each student personally.  We had a few nervous parents but after they worked with the iGoGo team, they were impressed by how well the program ran and the attention to their personal care.  We are confident that our students will continue to have an outstanding experience with this team.


I have worked with Mrs. Sandala and Mrs. Greer since 2015.  Over time, they have become deeply trusted partners due to the high-quality nature of the programs they lead. Mrs. Sandala and Mrs. Greer genuinely care about each and every student– academically, socially, and emotionally.  Time and again, I have watched them go above and beyond in providing care to students, parents, and our school with a level of support unmatched by other providers. These leaders work hard to stay connected and ensure the success of every student. Without hesitation, I recommend the team at iGoGo.

Brandy Reichle - International Student Director, Indiana Academy of Math and Science

I have worked with Dawna Sandala and Jane Greer for 12 years. Their understanding of the “international world” is outstanding. Their mission is built on a strong foundation that is always viewed through an international lens. Dedication channeled through enthusiasm is their mantra. I highly recommend Dawna and Jane.

Dr. Heidi Gutwein - International Director, Kokomo Public Schools

Jane Greer and Dawna Sandala are phenomenal partners with schools, with students and their families, and with host families, due to their personalized approach and commitment to students. They are knowledgeable, caring, trustworthy, and professional, and they are deeply committed to the life-changing experience for students and families.

Duane Emery - Director of Enrollment Management, Sycamore School
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