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Dawna Sandala

Dawna Sandala - iGoGo - Journey With Us


It is wonderful to meet you.  I graduated high school from a small town in Southern, Indiana with a population of about 40 people! I had only traveled to Mexico as a child and did not realize there was a big and beautiful world out there to discover. I attended Vincennes University and then Indiana University/Purdue University where I majored in Business.

I have been happily married since 1989 and in 1996 we welcomed our twin daughters and in 1998 our last child, a son.  In 1996, I had a strong desire to stay home with my children and had the opportunity to work with Adventures in Real Communication where I placed my first international students on the J1 visa.  I soon rose to a manager and had an amazing opportunity presented to me.

In 2008, a company called Foreign Links Around the Globe provided me the chance to grow its F1 visa program.  We found great success together and we placed hundreds of candidates between 2008 and 2021 when FLAG decided to discontinue their program.  I was encouraged to launch my own F1 program from the founder at FLAG and that is how iGoGo began.  It is an exciting time as I work to gain more friendships around the world while helping students achieve their dreams.

I believe my strength in exchange begins with the mentoring of a high school student as it relates to their future career goals. My background in education has developed greatly over the years as I have assisted many schools in setting up their own programs and managing them with the focus on cultural as well as educational growth.  I homeschooled my three children and because of this, I am well versed in the pursuit of university degrees, scholarships, college athletics and extra-curricular opportunities.  Each student is unique and I enjoy developing a plan of study that is specific to their desires and gifts.

Of course I have other interests besides student exchange and these include cooking, travel, church activities and time with friends.  I hope we can learn more about you and start a professional friendship that serves you and your clients well.  Welcome to iGoGo!

Jane Greer

Jane Greer - iGoGo - Journey With Us


I am Jane Greer and I live in the beautiful state of Indiana.  Back in the day, I graduated from Plainfield High School and then attended college in Springfield, MO.  I majored in music which was a good thing because I married my high school sweetheart Mike and we enjoyed 18 years living in Michigan while my husband was a pastor and I played a lot of piano and worked with teens and young adults.  I enjoyed encouraging others and helping them navigate the ups and down of life while serving as a mentor and counselor.  From as far back as I can remember, I have loved working with children and teens.

Our next adventure brought our family back to Indiana where I served as a school nurse for 700 little ones for eleven years.  Of course, I learned a lot about daily coughs and colds but one of the most important tasks I became more acquainted with was the area of compliance.

Foreign Links Around the Globe (FLAG) was an opportunity that found me.  Based on my background with counseling young people, I became a manager and coordinator for international students.  My experience in compliance, conflict negotiation, mentoring and leadership were all soon used as I worked with schools, host families, natural families and partners.  Later, I was offered the position as a Director of Placement and Support.  I found this opportunity especially fulfilling because it allowed me to orchestrate a rewarding and successful exchange experience for everyone.  Soon my core strengths of compassion, persistence and insight to relationships were put to work daily as I managed hundreds of students.  Equally rewarding was my involvement in the instruction of cultural understanding.

After working with FLAG for eleven years, it seemed natural to partner with Dawna as we started the iGoGo International program because the F1 program discontinued with FLAG.

I am enriched by my family with a wonderful husband of 38 years, four delightful children and their spouses, and five, soon to be six, amazing and energetic grandchildren. When I am not playing “GiGi”, I can be found cycling with my husband, chatting over a cup of coffee with friends, walking, hiking, sewing and traveling to new places!

I look forward to learning more about you as we explore new opportunities through iGoGo!

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